The Chocolate Enthusiasts

Our Mission is to bring levity and a means to get away through deliciously simple chocolate confections while inspiring a love for, and reminiscing about, great American and Alaskan traditions.


David dubbed Evangelina the Magic Maker. She creates Homer Truffle CO's chocolatey balls of bliss. She, however, doesn't see it as magic as much as constantly striving to achieve great flavor. Whether it is through hours and hours of practice, learning from great chocolatiers, or going back to school for culinary arts, she does it ALL for chocolate. Evangelina has a BA in Sociology with an emphasis in statistics, she served as a Master-at-Arms (military cop) in the US Navy, and has recently graduated from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts…and Wizardry. This education is a perfect meld for creating truffles, then talking to them about how they feel when their friends get eaten.



Raised in Alaska, David has mad skills at growing a fiery red beard, is an elite DIY handyman, but most importantly is dadda 24/7. Son of Barbara Briggs, owner of “Tundra Chocolates” in Anchorage and Wasilla from 1980 to 1992, David is no stranger to chocolate. Growing up with direct access to a chocolate shop, he became quite proficient at eating confections. Currently, David dedicates the majority of his time to making Homer Truffle CO succeed. When asked why truffles, his reply is always a swift: Just try them. With a degree in business, and nearly two decades of corporate/retail management, David grabs HTC by the antlers and drives it forward…uphill in the snow…both ways. (Does that metaphor work? Yes, yes it does).

Homer Truffle CO (HTC)

HTC is currently a two-person engine, fueled by a desire to go back to basics. HTC strives to provide chocolate products that are perfectly simple, handmade, handcrafted, and full of flavor. As their name indicates, HTC's focus is unapologetically truffles. Their truffles stand apart from the current trend of perfectly sculpted bonbons with their imperfectly delicious outer shells encasing light and airy centers. Indeed, each piece should be enjoyed slowly and with attention.