Build: It has BEGUN!

It has BEGUN! How exciting is it when a cadre of bearded fellows decked out in Carhart, tool belts, work boots, carrying equipment you daydream of using, come sauntering up to your site ready to work?

You know their wives packed their coffee mugs because their thermos is something you would pick out at the store. More than exciting, David and I can finally breathe.

Just Breathe.jpeg

"David and I can finally breathe."


This kitchen build opens growth possibilities for Homer Truffle Co. Starting a new business is terrifying, exhausting, and expensive. In conversation about someone else’s new business venture, a person told me, “They have no experience, can you believe it?!” I thought yes, yes I can and GOOD FOR THEM. Really, who starts anything knowing everything they need to know right out of the door? No one. They had to learn, they had to suffer, they had to BELIEVE in what they were doing, and they had to know to just keep moving forward.

This build means a step forward to us. So let me share some of the progress that has been done in our chocolate factory!

From left to right: Framing for the entryway. Saw dust covered tools are always a good sign. Window frames installed. Patching unwanted window. Utility closet framing. Plumbing installation. Sheet rock screws never looked so glamorous. Electrical installation. Demo, demo, demo. (Note: That yellow insulation is being ripped out and replaced! Woohoo)

There have been some very slow days, since we are smack in the middle of holidays. Overall, the speed which this project is being completed is encouraging. All that is left is to keep moving forward. Follow along as we share new developments and my wishlist of design choices for the chocolate factory. Crossing my fingers that they turn out close to what we envision!

Happy New Years from Homer Truffle CO to you and yours!