Chasing Chocolate

No one knows what they have until they lose it.  Live and let live.  Be present.  Treat others as you would like to be treated. There is always a silver lining.

I come from a culture where shared wisdom is a diagram, an instruction manual of sorts, explaining how to survive life.  I realize these tidbits are present in every culture, passed on from generation to generation.  Although, during my teenage years they felt and seemed like fortune cookie fillings, as I aged, these tidbits began making sense.  Sometimes they slapped me in the face.  Other times they slowly shone upon me like rays of sun cutting through clouds after it rains.

Chase moments, not things.
— -Author Unknown

Today, for me and my family, nothing is more true than: Chase moments, not things.  David and I decided that this would be our mantra; chasing and appreciating the moments we create and experience.  We not only cherish the good moments, we cherish the uncomfortable, stress-filled moments.  Out of one of these distressing moments came relief in the form of: CHOCOLATE.  

Yes, chocolate is a thing. Right now, for us, it is so much more!  It allows us to be "stay-at-home" parents.  We don't have to leave the house to work and once our DEC kitchen is built, we won't have to leave our property to work.  Having access to our kids at their tender age is our utmost priority. Chocolate allows us to be present for our boys.

Chocolate is a freedom we previously hadn't experienced. I had lived a very academic life.  I studied the statistic/research side of sociology, moved into the world of criminal justice through substance abuse studies, became a probation officer, and ended up as a military cop in the US Navy.  David lived and breathed retail from a very young age, working his way up to a corporate job, all the while dabbling in a slew of other jobs, and eventually ending up as, yep, a military cop in the US Navy.  Both of us felt stifled by the hum drum of big cities, the rat race of everyday 8-5 type jobs, and not actually ever working 8-5... Now, chocolate allows us to work when we need to, to take breaks when our son or family or anything/anybody requires our attention without contractual consequences.  It is liberating and so much FUN!

Chocolate is a challenge unlike anything we have ever undertaken.  Chocolate is so temperamental, slight changes in temperature and moisture affect it so easily. Getting routines and procedures and techniques down are key. Failures are seen as lessons. We experiment and brainstorm incessantly on finished products.  We improve and fearlessly change.  Like anything out there, our chocolate isn't for everybody. That is what we love the most about it, but it is also part of the challenge. Constantly hearing comments such as: Your chocolate is the best thing I have ever tasted followed by You NEED to make vegan chocolate and should only be using biodegradable packaging, can make anybody lose focus. Challenging, yes.

People love chocolate! Chocolate has given us a medium to connect to others, giving them happiness, an escape even, if only for a bite. It's wonderful.

For all these reasons, naming this blog Chasing Chocolate seemed appropriate. We don't only want to write about chocolate. We'll be sharing our business and personal journey with you.  So if you want a little escape from life follow along. Don't forget to follow us on social media; like, comment, and share!