Storms, Stories, and Sweet Situations

The calm before the storm… There is an eerie quiet before a storm hits. An uncomfortable silence, that at first, you welcome as an excuse to take a deep breath, and then suddenly realize is not a calm at all, but a warning. Something BIG is coming!

This past week, we started in the middle of this calm. Not as dramatic as a storm, but suddenly things picked up the pace and quickly! Sploosh, one thing after the other, and fast. So let me rewind and share with you all the exciting goings on of HTC this week.

Susan Braund from the Homer Tribune called us up and interviewed us for a piece showcasing local entrepreneurs. We welcomed a chance to share our story with our hometown. Since arriving, we have been so focused on settling in, building the business, and having our second son that this was a fun and easy way to share a piece of us with everyone. It was extra special, since Susan recounted how David and I met and tied the knot. Susan’s piece came out on the 18th and we celebrated our anniversary on the 21st. What an awesome, unintentional gift! If you want to read our story, you can here. Susan showcases entrepreneurs every Thursday, so please follow her to meet some of our Homer neighbors.



If that wasn’t thrilling enough, then Jen and John Bouman from Baycrest Lodge called wanting to include HTC chocolates in their Romance Packages. We were flattered! These packages have some AMAZING items and are so meticulously and thoughtfully put together. Not only that, but the items are crafted by local businesses (absolutely LOVE this) and we were included. Roses from Alaska Flower Mill, gift cards to Cafe Cups and Homer Inn and Spa, candles from Lighted Forest, and one of my favorites, wine from Bear Creek Winery! Jen and John even have a “Man Package.” Did I say thoughtful?! Specific information on the packages can be found on their page here. If anything, take total advantage of the discounted rates on their rooms with breathtaking bluff views overlooking Kenai Mountains and Kachemak Bay.  



In between celebrating our anniversary and getting Jen and John’s generously large order out, David and I were finally able to see large samples of the wall color and texture we originally liked for the factory. Remember when I said that we are pretty in sync with design elements… We looked at each other and just knew it had to change. After some research, a few phone calls, and a small amount of panicking, we found exactly what we wanted. This will push the build back 1 week. Not bad. Our goal was to open in time for Valentine’s Day, but life always guides us gently down the best path. It seems to be reminding us to be patient and do things right. Next year, Valentines! It is a date <3

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

Along with finalizing our walls, Matt, our contractor, dropped off Color Flakes floor samples in the two colors we were struggling to pick. Those gorgeous 1/32” flakes of teal were so pretty, I imagined throwing fistfuls up in the air and dancing around in them. In the end, we chose the darker deeper teal, agreeing that the stark contrast of the pure white walls will make the floor POP. I mean who doesn’t appreciate just a little bit of pop in their life sometimes!

Lessons this week: 1) Always see actual samples of design elements you are interested in. This is by far the best way to make sound judgements on what to spend your precious dollars. 2) Appreciate life’s setbacks; there may be a valuable lesson to be had! 3) Sunday Blogs have clearly turned into Tuesday Blogs! Catch another HTC blog post next Tuesday as we continue on the chocolate factory build. As always, have a great week y’all.