Build: Choices, choices, and more Choices!

Yellow is replaced with, drum roll please...PINK. Not my favorite color, but today the sight of freshly blown-in fiberglass insulation in a pastel pink has me swooning! Beachy Construction, INC and their sub-contractors are doing an incredible job. One of my favorite HGTV shows is Holmes on Homes. Contractor Mike Holmes would be extremely proud of the work ethic and results these gentlemen are producing.

Shoutout to Lee Burkhardt of Marty Wise Electrical! If there was a way I could show you EVERYTHING he did, in 2 days… Blown away. Lee was thorough, precise, perceptive to our work needs, and dedicated. These pictures do not do him or his work justice. If you ever need electrical work, please do NOT hesitate to call Lee!

There is a bit of a lull on the construction this week so I wanted to switch gears and talk about design plans. David is a go-getter, so when I say I want something, I better be sure because it’ll happen ASAP, jajajajaja. Talk about some awkward interactions when I come back 5 minutes later with other options. Ah! Luckily, David and I always have the same vision when it comes to design, even if we don’t like the style. For the kitchen, we picked a minimalist industrial look.

All of the big furniture pieces are stainless steel: sanitary, necessary, and functional. It is an open floor plan with designated work areas. Dry storage is open stainless steel shelving. The little organizer gnome in my pocket is throwing countdown parties, let me tell you! White spaces have a way of making me feel calm and focused, so naturally the walls will be white and bright. Lighting brings in a softer subdued feel. Quoizel Piccolo Pendants were a perfect choice, very simple but the bubble glass adds a soft whimsical touch to the industrial space.  

What I absolutely cannot wait for is the colored concrete floor. Imagine walking into a white space with an ocean of teal at your feet… Floating? I am! I want the ocean around ALL THE TIME, jajajaja. Oh, but Evangelina, ocean water is not teal you say… Have you seen glacier water?! Yes it is! Just realized I am replicating winters in Alaska color scheme in the chocolate factory. Color Flakes is providing the splash of color.

The conundrum is whether to go with a darker or lighter turquoise. Really, it is a difference of shades, but the catalog and the online catalog colors look so different… Never fear, choices will be made! Until next week, hope y’all are having and have a great week.