Love Comes in all Colors...

What is done in love is done well.
— Vincent Van Gogh

Happy Valentine’s Day. We hope you are able to celebrate love, be surrounded by it, and share it with others. We also hope you are surrounded by CHOCOLATE! We are obviously in a business that caters to Valentine’s Day. Some hate it, justifiably, while others relish in it. This year, as you readers know, HTC is participating indirectly. Bear Creek Winery, Baycrest Lodge and Land’s End Resort will be carrying our chocolate if you are looking for a sweet treat to share with others. Next year, I am sure things will get creative!

While we are on the subject of love… I have to tell you… I am DEEPLY, INTENSELY, FIERCELY in love with the floor in the chocolate factory. The whole week has been dedicated to getting the floor done. It is such a long process, the Valley Flooring workers even came in on Saturday and Sunday! For a couple of days, we were not able to enter the space, but remember Mitch put windows in last week?

Yeah, whelp, there is a huge porcupine living in a log pile under one of the windows and we Mission Impossibled that to get a look at the floor. Who cares if we could have scared a nervous animal with barbed quills, I needed to see the floor! It was SOOOOOOOOOO worth it. And because it is too gorgeous to not be the sole focus of the blog, that is all for this week. We leave you all to enjoy this beauty and enjoy your love-celebrating week/weekend! Chase chocolate!