Mater, Mementos, and More

Construction on our chocolate factory is ALMOST finished! Even empty, full of dust, and floor unfinished it is gorgeous. There is a slight glitch. We purchased a clunky eye sore heater for the space when we originally moved in. In our excitement with our whirlwind adventures, we forgot to take into consideration how something so functional without aesthetically pleasing qualities would fit in our brand spanking new space. Whelp…

Ever heard of Tow Mater? He is a character on the Disney cartoon series Cars. (We watch the movie series on repeat because of our 2 year old.) In the second movie, Mater, who is rusty and full of dents, explains to a secret agent that his dents are too valuable to be fixed. They are mementos he acquired while spending time with his best friend.

Image found on, Disney/Pixar copyrighted

Image found on, Disney/Pixar copyrighted

Although, this heater is NOT my best friend, it reminded me of Mater and our family’s mantra/blog namesake: chase moments. I decided we’ll lovingly call the heater Mater and we are keeping it! It’s a memento of our journey; a constant reminder to always work hard and never forget where we started.  It was strategically placed in the corner closest to the front door and is getting a gorgeous new coat of High Heat matte BBQ Black to match the exposed pipes and the color palette in the space.

So much happened to the space this past week. The front door was installed. It was custom made because we needed a wider door for the palettes we receive. Instead of a 4 ft. door we got two 2.5 ft. doors that make a 5 ft. opening. The interior of the door will stay white while the outside will get a special veneer (surprise to come!). The FRP walls were installed. Did I ever breathe a sigh of relief when we saw our last minute change up! It’s gorgeously bright, white and flawlessly blends all the necessary seams. The texture on the walls simulate leather and bounce light around like ping pongs. I love it.

Mitch, one of the Beachy guys actually let me take pictures of him! (I respect privacy, so I am not complaining, just pointing out that I appreciate the opportunity to add human elements to photos.) Mitch cut the holes on the far wall to install my eyes to the outside. Those windows are not facing the bay, but the nature reserve that comes to life in the summer with running creeks, wildlife, and the laughter of campers. The windows also face the reserve in order to avoid the opposite side of the property which gets sun all day. (Chocolate needs a steady temperature after all and exposing it to sun with that intensity is not a good idea.)

Last but not least, Lee and the guys from Marty Wise Electrical returned to finish installing all the outlet covers, the circuit breaker panel cover, and the light fixtures. My heart skipped a beat walking into the space with those bubbly glass pendants on. So gorgeous! The black coiled tubes are actually “mobile” outlets for our central workspace. How awesome are they?! Eventually, we will install a coil apparatus so they will be out of the way when we necessary. In the meantime, I intend to give them a geometric façade with vinyl decals to create visual interest.

Today, the crew began the production of the sparkly turquoise floor. I took some before shots of the floor just so we could appreciate the end result when it comes. I. CANNOT. WAIT.

Before I go, I just wanted to share with you readers, our journey into this adventure is a learning one; as is life, right? But we are ALWAYS aiming to be better. Consistency sometimes falters in what you all see from us, but just remember we are working for that AHA! moment in every detail we share with you. As always, have a great week y’all!