2 Weeks & 2 Days

It’s been three weeks! I seriously can’t believe it. Other than those rare occasions as a kid when I was in deep patooi or more recently on my flights to and from the Middle East, I can’t remember a situation when it felt like time was moving like molasses. However, the last three weeks have felt like a blink of an eye. The impending deadline of the online store opening, the inability to control certain things, the dissatisfaction with other things, the anxiety of not being ready, yep! They probably all have fault in this rapid increase of losing time. Who the heck stole all the oxygen?!

We have been absent from social media because it is the ONE thing we can relax on without the world burning down. {Once a month blog seems pretty reasonable to me :D} Building a business is not easy and because of wonderful, amazing, and extremely talented public relations personnel, most of the time, to us laymen, having a business seems as easy as slicing a cake and eating it. One hundred times over I wish I had a PR team, in the meantime, stay humble and hustle hard and do things outside your comfort zone and cross your fingers that they work and wait for results and be patient and breathe. (That was a gorgeous run-on, wasn’t it?)

The construction on the factory was done 3 weeks ago. We had a 2nd shipment of equipment coming that had key pieces to our production line. That shipment arrived 2 days ago. While waiting for this highly anticipated equipment, our cooking apparatus decided to not work. Let’s note that it took almost 3 months to get it! Now, it’s taking the manufacturers (they are still trying to figure it out) more than 3 weeks to fix it or have someone come fix it. They couldn’t believe how secluded we were from “normal stores.” Anyway, we had to purchase an alternative whose quality is questionable, but serves the immediate purpose. Thankful we have an alternative.

Aside from this, the factory has been a war zone with boxes, arranging and rearranging, and non-stop cleaning. I didn’t know how much residue and particles were left over after construction crews stormed through. I could start a business cleaning up after them!

As it stands, we are 2 weeks and 2 days away from going live. Scary yet exhilarating! We hope you’ll follow along our journey and grab some sweet things for the road! Have a great week y’all.