Frequently Asked Questions

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For taking the time to visit us. Reach out if you HAVE OTHER QUESTIONS.

Why Truffles?

Chocolate is not an easy medium to work with.  It is temperamental and is easily affected by moisture and temperature. That being said, we love a challenge! Truffles are a very versatile presentation, in terms of chocolate products.  There are an infinite number of variations and combinations that can be produced using the same base. They are small in size (compared to say a candy bar) so people who are watching their sugar intake or calories can indulge their chocolate craving while not going overboard.  Truffles pack a huge flavor punch.  And what we love more than anything is flavor!

I live in homer/anchor point area and don't want to wait for shipping. can I place orders directly with you?

Yes. Call us (907-435-7941) or email us ( - and YES! that is .co NOT .com) with your orders.  You can call us any day from 0900 - 2000.  Please note that these will be made to order, and will typically take up to 3 days to create, depending upon the order size.  Once finished, we will deliver to you for a small courier fee.

I have a special occasion/event coming up in homer / anchor point. Can I place an order for something special?

Yes!  We would love to be a part of that special time in your life (ex. truffles created to match your themed wedding).  Call us (907-435-7941) or email us ( - and YES! that is .co NOT .com) so we can discuss your order, and special pricing.

I signed up to receive your discount codes, why am i unable to "sign in" to do some shopping?

First, thank you for signing up for our Chocolover membership. Be on the lookout for exclusive deals. This, however, is separate from an account with us.  When you complete your first purchase with us, you will have the ability to create an account.  You will be able to view your past orders, and save payment and shipping information for a speedier checkout.

where is your store front?

Simple Answer: We do not have one!

Complicated Answer:  You can find us around Homer, Alaska, at local resorts, B&B's, and a few other resellers.  In addition, we offer our products in The Shop, an efficient and sleek virtual storefront for anyone in America to enjoy what Homer locals do.

does the shop show everything you have to offer?

 Sort of.  We are always creating new chocolate products for everyone to enjoy.  We will update The Shop as they become available, so visit often. You can also follow the creative process on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Why do you recommend fedex 2day for truffles?  why offer Fedex ground? don't you guarantee your product?

Being separated from the majority of the U.S. creates a challenge for shipping out of the state.  Most orders are sent via air.  Truffles are extremely delicate and can damage easily, especially when traveling to warmer areas (over 70 degrees).  Through MANY trials, and carriers, we have found that truffles arrived at their new home damage free when sent via FedEx and 2Day or faster.  This method is highly recommended for truffles, and when shipping any chocolate to warmer climates. HTC guarantees that your truffles and chocolates are of superior quality when they leave The Factory, and shipped. We take every effort to make sure your chocolates arrive to you intact.

I have seen a lot of products with Alaska stuff on it, but they weren't made in alaska and/or the company isn't from alaska.  How do I know you and your products are really alaskan made?

Great question, Alaska offers a great program called "Made in Alaska" that ensures Alaskan authenticity.  Products have to be made in, and most of the material must come from, Alaska. Those products come with a sticker or label verifying real Alaskan made products. So, look for the label.