In the Media

Read and listen to the evolution of Homer Truffle Company, from the very first article in one of our local papers, to the most recent radio segment about all things chocolate. Well, that’s all there is, but they’re still really good.


In Print

Published 18 JAN 2018 in the Homer Tribune, and written by Susan Braund, this article is about a small chocolate company less than a year old. We were in the middle of building our factory in Homer, Alaska, and were still experimenting with recipes.


On air

Recorded live 14 FEB 2019 by Jeff Lockwood of KBBI, for his Valentine’s Day edition of Check the Pantry, a show that discusses everything food. Listen to the science behind tempering chocolate, flavors, and even mole.

Last Frontier Magazine.png


Published in the JUNE/JULY 2019 issue of Last Frontier Magazine, and written by Cecil Sanders, it is a Q&A of why we chose chocolate, our knowledge and education, and most importantly, our connection to Alaska.