Customer Reviews

To quote my mom, ‘Oh...oh my...mmmmmm...oh wow. I just died and went to heaven’.
— Carolyn - tuscon

"After having tried the assortment, I can attest to the quality and attention to detail in both presentation and flavor of each and every truffle.  As a lifetime lover of all things chocolate, I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised by the smooth, velvety texture, and the perfect burst of flavor that shines through as they melt in your mouth.  I am a picky person, and had no criticism for a single flavor, as even the Angler's Breakfast was absolutely delicious and the PERFECT balance of flavors (coffee in my chocolate? Usually I'd pass, but these babies are absolutely divine). I can't pick a favorite; Mountain Avens and Summer Harvest made my husband (not the biggest chocolate fan) declare that these were "...hands down the best chocolates I've ever had."  I'm going to have to agree."

- Brittany - Anchor Point

"We had the opportunity to taste your truffles last week. Oh my! Just fabulous!! The mint chocolate was fantastic but the peanut butter was amazing. Look forward to being able to get them in Anchorage." 

- gina - Anchorage

"So smooth and melts in your mouth!! Great flavor!! Super nice family, veteran owned business!!"

- Rachel - Homer

"You cannot stop at 1 truffle! It just happens, all at once a box of 6 are gone. Amazing!"

- Emily - Homer

"I’ve been on a strict nutrition plan for 80 days and these are totally worth the 'cheat'!!”

- Heather - homer

"These have to be the most delicate and delicious truffles ever!! My favorite so far are the raspberry truffles... but it is so hard to choose just one."

- Joey-Ann - Homer

"These are by far some of the best chocolates ever.  Totally worth the cheat treat."

- Faith - Homer

"The dark chocolate truffle is amazing and is the perfect treat!"

— bridget - Homer